Yamak Contractig Company, also known as Y.C.C. is the
mother company of Smart Security, TechStore, and Ecovolt.

tech Store, a part of Yamak Contracting Company, provides a wide range of technological solutions for home and businesses. They offer solar energy products, audio systems, safes, network devices, CCTV, access control, Fire Extinguishers, intrusion Alarm systems, money counters and many more, with a focus on innovative and cutting-edge technologies.

Smart Security, is your one-stop store for top-quality security devices and accessories. Our retail store offers a comprehensive selection of security products, including security cameras, iron safes, smart home devices, and more, to help you protect your home, business, and loved ones.

Welcome to Eco Volt, the ultimate destination for sustainable energy solutions. Our store offers a wide selection of solar energy devices, accessories, and installation services to help you harness the sun’s power and have a 24 hours electricity for your home and business. Eco Volt is a part of Yamak Contracting Company Y.C.C, which has been providing the best services and products for Lebanese consumers for many years.

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